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First of its kind product. Multi tool writing method. Designed to use it for whole academic year. Covers  key areas of  Handwriting : Legibility, Maturity, Beauty, Speed writing, Sub-conscious writing, Graphological inputs and the like. Foundation for stroke formation in a scientific way. Designed in psycho-analytic method wherein children learn in a very conducive way. Valuable self-development messages at every alternate page.

MBR Brochure Page 2a

MAX Fun Writing Kit

Foundation for stroke formation in a scientific way. Tracing on butter sheets for fast development of strokes. Crayon colouring to create interest through fun. Pictures & images using strokes. Engraved boards for sustained beauty in Handwriting. Trains the children throughout the academic year. Designed to use it again and again with the help of groove pen

Fun Book kit


Legibility Improvement through Scientific process, Maturity Improvement through mastering strokes, Speed writing through unique techniques, Exam high score writing through smart samples, Beautiful Handwriting through mind programming, Sustenance using EG board and groove pen, Mastering handwriting through letter sheet, guideline sheet and butter sheets, Disciplined writing through Graphology inputs.

Handbook kit

MAX Memory Power

First of its kind books for kids.  A no. of interesting memory  dynamics, games & activities are given. A special training CD (for Teachers & Parents) is provided to each Patronising school. Online interaction by the Teachers & Parents with MAX.


Super Memory

First ever activity book on super Memory to school students. 100 Modules with a no. of Activities. Memory Techniques, dynamics & games are given. Periodical assessment provided. Big improvement in Memory assured.


MAX Smart Reading

First of its kind of school students. Scientific learning skills developed after    20 years of research and training. Improves concentration at studies and makes education effortless but effective.


Systematic Study Planning

A result of 10 yrs of research on 30,000 students, Saves times by 6 times and makes education effortless but effective.

Systematic Study Planning

Storm Your Brain

First ever book on how to solve brain teasers. Multi type teasers with multi lever puzzles, Periodical Self- assessment, A must for all professional students and very useful for competitive exams & interviews.

Storm your brain

BSM Meditation (Audio CD)

Bahulla siddhi meditation improves concentration, helps get energy to work, activates left and right brain powerfully, motivates to set and visualize Goal and get focused to accomplish it. The entire meditation is performed with a background of wonderful music, sound of waterfalls and birds’ sounds. This meditation is practiced by thousands of people all over the world.


MAX Student Study Monitor (SSM) Audio CD

First of its kind audio CD for perfect daily routine from morning to night and it is a real boon to Students! (consists of 30 tracks for both Students and Parents)


MAX Study Chair

When you sit on a chair and study, your concentration  is largely influenced by the ergonomics  of the chair.  MAX Academy’s research for the last 16 years, conducted on more than 50,000 students, has revealed that the concentration of students depends on the following salient parameters of study chair :

Apt spine angle, Waist rest, Shoulder base, Back base, Arm rest, Foot rest, Leg shift rest Adjustable arm screws, Writing pad, Vacuum bushes.

Chair - Withpart

How to Excel in studies & score high marks - book

Invaluable book on scientific learning skills with over 100  study techniques, Highly practical approach, quantifiable methods. Boon and must have for every student


Permanent Memory

World’s first ever book on the topic. A result of 20 yrs of training & research & saves times 6 times to remember anything. Containing several techniques, dynamics & activities

Permanent Memory