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Art of Effective Parenting

Psychological guidelines to parents, Scientific techniques to guide the Children to excel in their exams and also Student study monitor CD. Laced with thought provoking caricatures and subtle auto-suggestions.


Excel – self-development digest

Highly acclaimed by the press and media. Hailed as one of the greatest books on Self-development ever brought out in India. No quality reader can afford to miss reading it.

Simple and brief, yet practical tips-laced with thought-provoking exhortations add a sheen to this publication that underscores the easy ways to ensure stress-free, happy and cheerful living, good health, positive thinking, memory power and development of will power.

Self-development Digest - Excel

BSM Meditation (CD)

Bahulla siddhi meditation improves concentration, helps get energy to work, activates left and right brain powerfully, motivates to set and visualize Goal and get focused to accomplish it. The entire meditation is performed with a background of wonderful music, sound of waterfalls and birds’ sounds. This meditation is practiced by thousands of people all over the world.